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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

A year ago, Blanca Rubio organized a quick survey on the sunscreen advice and use/reimbursement of sunscreen creams among LUPUS EUROPE member organizations.

The result was interesting as use came recommended almost in all countries, the SPF50 perhaps not readily available and only in few could/would the cost be reimbursed as part of treatment.

Dermatologist and Chair of EUSCLE (European Society of Cutaneous Lupus) Professor Annegret Kuhn picked up on this initiative immediately because the dermatologists in Germany were also looking into investigating sunscreen advice and use and also it would be interesting to perform the same survey by a more scientific approach together with LUPUS EUROPE.

Now in connection with the World Congress of Dermatology, the project proposal Investigation of Sunscreens and Their Efficacy in Patients with Lupus Erythematosus is nominated as candidate for the international "Community Leadership Project" of the Galderma SkinPact Award 2015 (please see the attached flyer). The project aims to collect data of patients with lupus erythematosus in a pan-European observational study and to analyse the prevention of skin lesions by sunscreens.

The voting is now open until May 01, 2015, and can be performed online via the following link: http://www.galdermaskinpact.org/

We would appreciate if you could announce this voting among your colleagues with the kind request to support this project.

Kind regards,

Kirsten Lerstrøm