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EUPATI EXPERT COURSE - Enroll by March 1, 2015

Dear All

Please see this info from PARE regarding enrollment for EUPATI expert course.

"European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation" (EUPATI) offers a training opportunity for patient research partners with in interest in international medicine development.

Places are limited and we are not selecting the attendees. In total there are 55 places (to start in September 2015 with e-learning, with first meeting in Spring 2016)

First Group Face to Face meetings will take place (second group TBC):
Training Session 1 (4 days) Date: 18 -22 April 2016
Training Session 2 (4 days) Date: 19- 23 September 2016

It is expected that successful candidates commit 150-175 hours for the e-learning and 8-10 days (including travel) for the face-to-face training sessions over a total period of 14 months for the complete training course.

If you could let us know by 1 March if you are interested, that would be great! First comes, first serves! (Of course you can apply yourself also, but we can only give thorough support to 4 people)

Deadline for applications is on 31 March
In order to make best use of our resources, if you could identify if you would be interested, then we would write a draft Motivation letter for you to adapt and personalise

Kirsten & Davide