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Co-opted advisors

The Board of Trustees can assign a special advisor to fullfill a task needed. This is co-option and the Board has co-opted the following advisors for special tasks:

Co-opted Convention: Simone Pretis
E-Mail: simone.pretis@lupus-rheumanet.org
Function Description:
To lead the organisation of the 2016 Convention which will take place in Germany.

Co-opted Social Media : Nuria Zúñiga
E-Mail: tulupus.milupus@gmail.com
To coordinate and activate LUPUS EUROPE’s Social Media presence, particularly on twitter and facebook

Co-opted PRP: Francesca Marchiori
E-Mail: franc.marchiori@gmail.com
To coordinate and promote LUPUS EUROPE’s activity with regards to patient partners in Research

Co-Opted Research: Davide Mazzoni
E-Mail: davide.mazzoni@unibo.it
To help, assist, advise and support the board of Trustees in matters with relations to Research and analysis of data

Co-opted Medical Professor Matthias Schneider
Function description:
To help, assist and support the Board of Trustees when medical-related matters occur.