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World Lupus Day Flyer and Social Media Graphics Now Available to Download

World Lupus Day Update – March 23, 2016

World Lupus Day Flyer and Social Media Graphics Now Available to Download

We are very pleased to provide materials to help you promote World Lupus Day. We have created flyers and a symptoms checklist that you can download, modify, reproduce and distribute. We also have created graphics that you can share on social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. We also make available the World Lupus Day logo in various formats.

The flyers and the checklist are presented as print-ready PDF files. These files can be edited using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Most graphic designers and printers will be able to edit the text using Acrobat Pro.

The social media graphics are presented as JPEG images. We also provide the master Photoshop file so you can modify the individual graphics as you wish. However, due to licensing issues, we are not able to provide the original fonts (Myriad) that are used in the files. If you wish to modify the graphic images, you will need to purchase the fonts and load them onto your computer. You can purchase the Myriad font from many online font stores, such as Fonts.com or Adobe.com. They are not expensive. You also can substitute the fonts used in the files with ones that you already own and have installed in your computer, such as Arial or Verdana.

Here below is a link where you can download the flyers, social media graphics, and logos.

To download a file or folder, click the radio button located on the right side of the screen and then click the DOWNLOAD button, or click the download icon that is associated with each individual file or folder.

We will add more resources to this folder as they become available over the next few weeks, so please bookmark this link and check back from time to time. You will have access to any of the folders that are added later on this webpage.

Please contact Duane Peters if you experience difficulty downloading any of the files.

Other Materials to be posted soon for your use:
1. World Lupus Day Press Release
2. World Lupus Day Proclamation
3. World Lupus Day Petition
4. PowerPoint Presentation Template for presentations about lupus
5. Talking points about the need for funding for lupus research.