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Survey to Measure the Worldwide Level of Lupus Awareness

Survey to Measure the Worldwide Level of Lupus Awareness

I want to share information about a new global lupus awareness survey that will be conducted within the coming weeks as part of the World Lupus Day observance. The survey will measure the worldwide level of public understanding about lupus.

This survey will consist of six questions to measure the level of public awareness and understanding of lupus. The survey will reach 1,000 people each in 16 different countries, for a total of 16,000 respondents. It will be the first and largest ever global assessment of lupus awareness.

We regret it is not possible to conduct the survey in every country. We are limited to areas of the world where there is sufficient infrastructure to conduct an online survey directed toward the general public. The countries to be included in the survey are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, UK and USA. Once the surveys have been completed, an analysis will be complied for the overall results. From that analysis, we will prepare a press release that we will distribute via paid newswires. We also will post the news release to the World Lupus Day website and share it with you.

We ask for your help to distribute the survey news release among health news reporters within your country. We also ask that you share the survey news release through your organization’s website, social media postings (Facebook and Twitter) and your e-newsletter, if you publish one.

Additional details will be provided to you within the coming days. For now, I want to make you aware of this exciting opportunity so you can include it within your promotional plans for World Lupus Day.