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The count down has started for our LUPUS EUROPE 2015 annual convention, which will take place this year in Vienna, Austria, September 4 to 6, 2015. Our conference will be back to back with the International Congress on Lupus (ICL), enabling access to disease-specific sessions by specialists.

The theme for this year’s convention will be “MEET THE LUPUS WORLD”. We will build on ICL to broaden our perspectives beyond Europe, connect with latest International developments, and meet our colleagues living with Lupus on all continents.

LUPUS EUROPE’s convention will start on Friday September 4 afternoon for an exciting programme offering skills development, networking opportunities and fun!

- On Friday evening, we will enjoy a Welcome dinner to exchange latest news, meet familiar faces and exchange on what already happened at ICL with those that missed it.
- Saturday will take the form of a World Lupus Summit. This will be an incredible opportunity to meet lupus patient leaders from all 5 continents and build worldwide links. We will start with a topic on growing patient organization capabilities, from the very early start to professionalized groups that weighs in on politics. Then, 2 parallel workshops will explore how to better unite worldwide lupus patient groups and characteristics of a lupus clinic. After lunch, an “Inspirations and Aspirations” session will showcase experiences from around the world that could be reapplied. After hearing the ICL essential take-away’s, we will close the day with a Lupus Patients World dinner, an informal setting to consolidate the relationships started during the day … and build new ones.
- Finally, on Sunday, we will be amongst ourselves for the council session (we have 2 trustee positions up for election, so please consider whether you would be interested, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have), with discussions on LUPUS EUROPE achievements and plans, followed by parallel workshops and brainstorming. After lunch, we will close with a workshop that will build on last year’s discussions on treatment.

The Convention will end Sunday at 16:00 so that you can book your return on one of the many flights leaving Vienna from 18:00 onwards. We welcome your input on the subjects you would be interested in discussing in our workshops or brainstorming. Send us your ideas!

In addition to the convention, we would like to encourage you to come to Vienna early to actively participate to the ICL. This is an incredible event, where all names with interest in lupus gather to discuss latest research, share posters and actively engage in discussions. Let’s make sure that patients are also massively represented. The event starts on September 2nd and you can track agenda developments on the ICL website. To further encourage participation, we will fully sponsor the participation fee to this event if you register to the convention prior to June 9th. During ICL, LUPUS EUROPE invites you for a free drink and an informal debriefing of the day, every evening in the hotel lobby and, on Friday morning, for a LUPUS EUROPE led session on involvement, and communication from group to patient.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate, simply send a message to secretariat@lupus-europe.org. We will be delighted to help

Register Now! We can only guarantee your accommodation until June 9th. Why wait to benefit from collaboration with your peers on best practices for patient leaders and organisations? Your organisation’s International Contact has received registration forms. If not, please let us know!

See you in Vienna