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In Paris at the previous convention we learned that adherence to treatment is a big issue whereas NOT following prescriptions. Any medication will not have effect when not used.
If lupus is not controlled short term nor on long term basis either because of non adherence to treatment or lack of adequate or efficient treatment options, then the national lupus group will have an open opportunity to help improve the situation.
Treat to Target in SLE was defined by an International task force and the results published in June. From this task was formed a new international work force to define remission in SLE.
Control of lupus can be done through various pharmaceutical means for – Anti-Malarials, short/long term, immunosuppression and control of other manifestations/side effects. The mental challenges of lupus also require employment of treatment with effects and consequences on a different scale. Life changes have great importance also, where both career change, dietary regulations and exercise have proved to give positive improvement. But what is really the issue about treatment – options and values?


• To share up-to-date information on key topics on treatment from T2T
• To allow a discussion during the workshop on access to treatment
• To prepare a patients’ panel on Treatment, organized by LUPUS EUROPE and UCB, by drawing a "map" on what treatment is.

Agenda: "TREATMENT" Session
(Chair: Bernadette van Van Leeuw)
00:05 BvL Intro, background and objectives
00:15 BvL Posters Review
00:15 BvL Treat to Target
00:05 BvL Patients panel on Treatment
01:00 BvL Workshop on access to treatment - sub-groups
00:30 Pooling

Poster Review is picking up on key issues and examples from the posters presented by member delegates.
Treat to target as agreed by the International task force. Same is on the way for Remission.
A Patients’ Panel on Treatment has been planned to take place early November in Brussels. A workshop will allow discussions in sub-groups on access to treatment.
Discussion on workshop outcome and theme in general.

Further reading:
T2T in SLE, ARD April 2014
Treatment targets in the autoimmune process, SJ Rigshospitalet DK 2013
EULAR Recommendations for SLE Management, 2007


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