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Patient Research Partner

The convention in Helsinki will represent a unique opportunity to meet the lupus patients currently involved in projects as patient research partner (PRP) and learn about the training.

To present what is "Patient Research Partners" - the training programme, the trained people and the various projects where lupus patients are represented.
This session will provide an overview and status on engagements and allow a short discussion on what it entails having the patient’s voice in research.

Content: Patient Research Partner Session
(Chair: Davide Mazzoni)
00:30 Nca N Cayers on EULAR PRP Training (by Skype)
00:15 Fma F Machiori on EULAR Task Force on Womens issues (project aim and rôle)
00:15 Pbe+Kle P Bednarova on Remission - thoughts and ideas on project aim, taking part from the side
K Lerstrøm on project and meeting experience
00:15 Dma Publication of experience, network and results

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