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At this point in the programme we have already heard, learned and discussed the issues in regard to "A better Life with Lupus" - Access and Treatment plus patient involvement in research.
Most member groups are all engaged in providing up-to-date basic information on lupus and how it is to live with.
The picture of lupus beyond the radar and treatment targets in the autoimmune process are central and relevant issues for our members to work with nationally.
In 2013 we conducted a survey on member group capacities to find where best to direct the European effort regarding resources and key topics to address.

To share up-to-date information on disease and aspects of living with lupus – the picture of lupus beyond the radar
Discuss the key treatment targets of the autoimmune process
To allow a discussion on how knowledge is best disseminated in the countries - learn from others and make further use of existing efforts

Poster Review is picking up key issues and examples from the posters presented by members delegates.

(Chair: Kirsi Myllys)
00:15 Posters Review
00:45 MMo Lupus the picture beyond radar,
00:15 Bru Members survey - capacities of member organizations
00:15 Discussion

Further reading:
• WLD13 Lupus beyond the radar, MM, Copenhagen
• WLD13 Treatment targets of the autoimmune process, SJ, Copenhagen
Measuring educational needs among patients with SLE using D-ENAT
• LUPUS EUROPE Member Groups Capacity Survey (being edited pt)

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