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Session details

  • Learning about Social Media

    Nuria Zuniga has been tweeting for us during the convention using use the hashtag #LupusConvention. She also held a session on Social Media. In this (...)
  • Patient Research Partner

    Background The convention in Helsinki will represent a unique opportunity to meet the lupus patients currently involved in projects as patient research (...)
  • Empowerment

    Background: The final session in regard to the convention theme, never the less the important one. Empowerment is a big word, but a term used in many (...)
  • Knowledge

    Background: At this point in the programme we have already heard, learned and discussed the issues in regard to "A better Life with Lupus" - Access and (...)
  • Treatment

    Background: In Paris at the previous convention we learned that adherence to treatment is a big issue whereas NOT following prescriptions. Any medication (...)