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Unmasking lupus Phase 3 – Lupus Planet by Alain Cornet (Treasurer LUPUS EUROPE)

The Unmasking lupus Phase 3 is a multimedia project telling the Lupus story of the Unmasking Lupus contest winners. The project will be divided into three parts. The first part “Data Repository” is a section in LUPUS EUROPE website that will be devoted to 25 patients’ stories and their life with lupus, including the Unmasking lupus contestants, using their art as illustration, and with an explanation of what it says about their lupus.
An “item by item” is the name of the second part of the Unmasking lupus project where the organization will focus on the exploitation of the stories on web by publishing a highlight section about a different chapter every month as well as using national members organizations resources.
The last stage of the project is aiming at assembling many of the stories into one book (print version and on-line one) which will consist of a medical content on lupus, patient oriented article on having lupus and advise to the general public on how they can improve their wellbeing.

The outcomes of the project will be the creation of a database available to each of you for building knowledge of lupus around Europe, to help patient’s relatives and friends better understand what it is to “live with lupus”. The project will give the opportunity to LUPUS EUROPE to become more visible, including giving international visibility of national members, it will be a concrete deliverable that we can leverage with sponsors to get funding.

The overall feedback on the concept was positive and further discussion will take place soon.