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Membership Survey – Presentation by Blanca Rubio

“LUPUS EUROPE Members” is the theme of the survey LUPUS EUROPE has been performing over the last few month before the Convention 2013.
The aims of the survey are to allow the LUPUS EUROPE Board to better understand your aims and also the challenges you face in your country; to identify how best to assist you and your work to represent people living with lupus in your country, and last but not least to improve and guide the organizations’ European strategies.

The results that Mrs Rubio shared with the delegates were preliminary and based on the fact that there is more involvement expected from the member groups. A final report of the LUPUS EUROPE Membership survey will be distributed to all member organizations when finalized.

Blanca Rubio thanked everyone for completing the survey and concluded: “It is only with your collaboration that we can keep on improving the service offered to our members and the way we operate.”