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We have been very fortunate...

We have been very fortunate to enjoy the presence of great speakers during the convention. Here you can find our note-taking from those great presentations. Please remember that they reflect the notetakers understanding of the facts and views presented by the speakers and should not be quoted as the speakers’ own words without validating with the speakers her/himself.

From our Doctors
Adherence to treatment and SLE by Prof Nathalie Costedoat-Chalumeau
Lupus and Comorbidities by Professor Loic Guillevin
Therapeutic Patient Education in Systematic Lupus Erythematosus by Dr Baptiste Hervier & Prof Zahir Amoura

Living with Lupus
Living better with SLE : A psychosocial perspective by Davide Mazzoni
MyLupus old and new patients’ perspectives by Davide Mazzoni
“Europe of, by and for patients” The role of European patients’ organizations by Professor Vololona Rabeharisoa

From our Members
Lupus, Fatigue and Physical exercise by Katherine Wheeler (Belgium)
Lucy Cyprus by Andreas Panteli
The situation of lupus in Greece by Maria Kasimati
Italy – Art therapy by Stefania Viscillo & Augusta Canzona
Lupus LES Projects – Art counselling by Stefania Viscillo (Italy)
Nordics National reports by Tova Cassøe, Kristi Mustkivi and Marja-Leena Ollikainen
National report - France by Ginette Volf

Lupus and rare diseases
Orphanet and Its Role in Supporting People with Rare Diseases by Professor Odile Kremp
European Organization for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS) by Anja Helm
The French foundation for rare diseases, a new structure of coordination by Audrey Tranchand
The rare Diseases Platform by Thomas Heuyer