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MyLupus old and new patients’ perspectives - by Davide Mazzoni

MyLupus old and new patients’ perspectives - by Davide Mazzoni (Reserach fellow in the Department of Psychology - University of Bologna (Italy), member of Italian SLE Group

The MyLupus app has been developed using tested principles of psychological intervention that are currently in use in clinical practice, especially from cognitive behavioural therapists. The application is aimed to help patients achieve the management of their disease in a structured way as well as increasing self-efficacy and a sense of control. Another strong point of the application is that it is developed with strong patient participation and it aims to improve the communication between the patients and the doctor.
MyLupus has already been tested by a few patients who gave a positive feedback.
The theoretical reference of the application is provided by psychologist Elizabeth Hale (Dudley Centre of Lupus, UK). She suggested that in the application the user should define SMART goals, which will help focus and manage their disease in a structured way.
• Specific goal
• Measurement
• Achievement
• Realism or Relevance
• Timely
The user will be able to share his/her SMART goals with other patients and have the opportunity to receive adequate social support from reliable sources of information.
Mr Mazzoni suggested improvement of the application by introducing the social aspects of MyLupus and looking into the needs of the younger lupus patients. The development of the usefulness of the app by moving from MyLupus to OurLupus - introduction of social dimension of the patient’s empowerment. He added that the possible improvement is more oriented to the patients’ perspectives and will also increase its use in a shorter period for the patients themselves.