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Nordics National reports by Tova Cassøe, Kristi Mustkivi and Marja-Leena Ollikainen

Denmark by Tove Cassøe

Tove Cassøe shared with the audience the current situation of SLE-LED-Lupus Diagnose network Denmark and what has the organization accomplished throughout the year.
She continued by mentioning that since the Lupus-school which took place in 2012 was a success, there will be another one organized in the spring of2014 - the school will take place in Aarhus by the SLE/Lupus-Jutland (group together with the Rheumatology department of the University Hospital). The organization is currently working on funding for support.

Estonia by Kristi Mustkivi
Kristi Mustkivi shared with the participants’ stories and photos from some of the meetings, workshops and cooking classes that the association in Estonia has organized throughout the year.

Finland by Marja-Leena Ollikainen

Marja-Leena Ollikaine expressed her gratitude of being able to take part of the convention and continued by mentioning the activities which Lupus Finland is currently involved in.