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Italy – Art therapy by Stefania Viscillo & Augusta Canzona

Augusta Canzona informed all that the Italian Group is going through a period of great changes and deep reorganization: the former Board Members have stepped down and did not put themselves up for re-election. A new Board has been elected that it is made up of twelve people, mostly very young and inexperienced members: nine lupus patients, chair and two medical advisors.
The positions of Chair and Vice-Chair, held by Maria Teresa Tuccio and herself for the last six years, have now changed.
She is currently elected as Chair and Rosa Pelissero as Vice Chair of Lupus LES.
She concluded by saying that she is confident about the new board members, despite being young and inexperienced, and the positive changes in the organization.

“Our Medical Panel (about thirty lupus experts) is still the same, but we’re now evaluating the possibility of electing a “restricted” council, reflecting our regional medical/scientific contacts. We’re also planning to make some changes to our constitution (i.e. change of our official address from Piacenza to Rome; prospect of creating “self-governing” regional sections.”

Currently, Lupus LES is funding eight lupus clinics (dedicated to lupus patients) without multidisciplinary approach. Every year the organization receives funding from the government that is being used for special research projects as well as the lupus clinics.